locked Re: "Like" for the email-centric (was First Impressions of Groups.io)



Excuse me, young sir, but do I detect a hint of prejudice?
Hmm... I guess Tyrannosaurs were never known for their sense of humor. Or whichever form of thunder lizard that is agape in your profile photo. When you quoted me you left out a relevant adjunct to the sentence:

Definitely bucking the Texting/Twitter/Facebook trend. ;-)
As it happens I have been using Facebook for a few years now, even run a group there and have notes there. I and some of my friends are no strangers to lengthy and well researched posts and replies.

There is absolutely no reason why this particular thread should not
be formatted in the Facebook style.
Infinite scroll suits some people. Notably Yahoo Groups and Groups.io have both adopted that style for for presenting message lists and messages in topic.

For rapidly catching up on what's new in my email I tend to prefer either a page per message style, or a list with preview style, where I can move from message to message with a single keyboard click and the next message always starts at the same position on the screen. That lets me take in the gist of each message at a glance and move on to the next with minimum fuss.

What I would suggest would be to have some list/message viewing options, with facile ways to switch among them, so that one can choose the style that works best for what you're doing at the moment.

-- Shal

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