locked Re: "Like" for the email-centric (was First Impressions of Groups.io)


On 18 November 2014 19:12, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:
Definitely bucking the Texting/Twitter/Facebook trend.


Excuse me, young sir, but do I detect a hint of prejudice?

Surely not - all your comments are always carefully researched before being written, and take no account of emotion.

But while texting and Twitter have clear (and very small), intrinsic size limits, Facebook does not. Both posts and comments can be quite lengthy - but when displayed they are normally truncated, so the appearance is of a page filled with short, snappy stuff - but with a "see more" link. And the "Note" facility enables the creation of lengthy papers with​ rich text including photographs, and, if appropriate, files of up to 25MB can be posted.

IMHO the truncation is a good attribute for a web page; you can get an idea of whether a post may be interesting, or whether it's just Ian Gillis banging on about Facebook in his normal way, and thus not worth reading.

There is absolutely no reason why this particular thread should not be formatted in the Facebook style. Yes, it's different - you don't have all the headers and footers for a start, but that doesn't mean that it might not be preferable - particularly for mobile users.

Do you have a Facebook account? You might like to have a look at a "Note" - it's public access - as long as the "public" has a Facebook log-in. I suppose pushing 1.5 billion users is pretty public…





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