locked Re: Editing messages



- On an edit, the message gets resent to the group
- Edits from members who are moderated (or are in a moderated group),
must be approved by the moderators
- Keep a list of revisions of each change (what changed and who made
the change)
Yes please.

- Ability to delete all of my messages from the group
I don't know if this one is just an overreaction or not. I don't like the idea of "taking my marbles and going home", but I don't relish the idea of getting into an edit tug-of-war with an unreasonable or vindictive moderator either. Unthinkable, while Groups.io is this close-knit community of reasonable people. But if you succeed in scaling it up then some of us are going to encounter all kinds.

Maybe there's a better way to handle the tug-of-war problem, I'm open to other ideas.

-- Shal

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