locked Re: Bug in message formatting - strikethrough doesn't "stick".



The issue was with what CSS we allow when displaying messages in the archive.
There are multiple ways to generate strikethrough (it's unclear to me
which is best).
Ah, no wonder it didn't make sense to me (not much CSS experience).

We have to 'cook' any HTML messages before displaying them, to ensure
that no malicious stuff is presented (javascript pointing to malware,
for example). We're very conservative with what CSS is displayed.
Thank goodness.

Yahoo used to publish in a help page the whitelist of HTML tags that it would allow in Group descriptions and messages. It applied that whitelist even to message bodies passed through as individual messages. They took down that help page a few years ago and replaced it with "try it and see, you're on your own if it doesn't work".

-- Shal

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