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christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Yes, it is, but I didn't know you can send files till now. I just wrote some text to put in the calendar event's description. I now believe I deleted the message from Joseph Lee detailing how to send a file as part of a calendar event. Can someone please re-post as I may do this to my groups. Cheers!

On 18 Nov 2015, at 05:14, Joseph Hudson <jhud7789@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Carlos, actually Joseph is correct there is a way of doing it. Christopher Holzworth, would possibly be able to provide the correct instructions in order to do this. I believe it's a little bit of interaction with the calendar, and also with the welcome message. But it can be done.
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On Nov 17, 2015, at 11:10 PM, Carlos <carlos1106@nyc.rr.com> wrote:

I initially thought that the calendar could be used to send scheduled messages to the group, but unless I'm missing something, I don't believe that you can as it stands. However, there are other ways to send messages on a schedule. For now I have set up scheduled messages to be sent using Blat the command line mailer.
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Didn’t Carlos (Tech Talk admin) have a solution to this? I think one way to “emulate” this is using calendar feature.

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I've been searching the beta archives and poking around in my test group's settings, but can't seem to find anything equivalent to the yahoogroup functionality of being able to schedule a file to be sent as a message to the group on a monthly basis. Did I miss it? Or is this replaced by some thing else?

My use case is that we have the group rules in a file that is scheduled to be delivered to every new member when they join AND is delivered to the whole group once a month. I found the place under Member notifications to add the content to the Welcome message (which I assume is equivalent to the "upon joining" scheduling), but am not finding a "deliver this monthly" option.


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