locked Re: Message threads versus topics



Hmm. I fall into the camp that dislikes the staggered message
presentation view like this. I really dislike how Reddit does things,
for example.
I don't use Reddit, but in any case I wouldn't want this as my only view - date sorted is more often useful. But some times I really need to be able see the proper context for a reply. It can help a lot when the person forgot to quote anything.

At the moment I resort to searching for the In-Reply-To value among the Message-ID values in my email folder - which is really clumsy. Only lucky that my email client lets me search among the message headers.

Maybe here in the 21st century there's a better way to visualize this than as an indented hierarchy view. Without getting too cutesy. Something like Fossil's timeline view (directed lines drawn beside the chronological list) for example might be overboard.

-- Shal

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