locked Re: Changed how polls work


Hi Jim,

I don’t have Opera 12.17. I just downloaded the latest version, 33.0, and it works ok there. And I do all development on Chrome, so I know it works in current versions there..

If you have a moment, can you bring up the developer tools window in Opera, reload the polls page, try to vote again, and let me know if any errors come up?


On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 1:00 PM, Jim Poston <poston@...> wrote:
Having some problems with the poll.

Opera 12.17:
Click a selection, click Vote, nothing happens.
Click See Results, nothing happens

Vivaldi 1.0 (beta)
Vote, See Results, Back to Vote buttons all work.

One other user reported click, nothing happens.  I believe she is using
Chrome (not confirmed, haven't tested myself).


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