locked Re: Bug in message formatting - strikethrough doesn't "stick".



The issue was with what CSS we allow when displaying messages in the archive. We have to 'cook' any HTML messages before displaying them, to ensure that no malicious stuff is presented (javascript pointing to malware, for example). We're very conservative with what CSS is displayed. The HTML widget on the site generates strikethrough using the text-decoration CSS tag, which we were not permitting. I've whitelisted it, and now strikethrough should display.

There are multiple ways to generate strikethrough (it's unclear to me which is best). Your email client probably generated strikethrough using an HTML tag, which we support.


On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 1:46 AM, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:
I wrote:

The strikethrough font attribute doesn't appear to save when editing a message. Bold and color do.

Oh, it doesn't post when creating a new message either.

I take that back. The strikethrough came through in the email, so it must be just a display problem in the archive.

Nope, not as simple as that either. Strikethrough shows in the archive for my message in this (beta) group, which was posted by email. But not in the archive of a message in my test group posted via the group. But it did come through in the email of that same message.

-- Shal

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