locked New Feature: Polls


I've just rolled out a new feature for those groups with the beta feature flag: polls. And I'm announcing it with this poll.


  • Polls are like specialized messages.
  • If you have permission to post a message, you can post a poll.
  • If you're moderated, or the group is moderated, the moderators will have to approve the poll before it's sent out.
  • Right now only groups with the beta feature flag have polls enabled.
  • To see if your group has the beta feature flag enabled, go to your group settings page. If there's a 'Beta' tag next to your group name, you're set.
  • If you don't have the beta feature flag and would like it, just send me an email.
  • Since polls are just specialized messages, you can reply to a poll message.
  • This is a beta feature; there could be bugs.

Please let me know what you think, if you see any issues, or have any suggestions.

Thanks, Mark


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