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Judy F.

Thank you Shal for both explanations.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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Looking at the screen shots (for my other reply about Facebook 2) I'm
reminded of another feature of classic groups that has been lost in Neo, and
not restored by Groups.io: true message threads (as opposed to mere topics).

Groups.io provides a "topic" view, not a "thread" view. The distinction I'm
making is that messages in the topic are shown in pure date order, with no
indication of which message each may have been in reply to. Classic groups
provided a threaded view by way of a hierarchical list of message summaries
below each opened message:
(note the blue background highlighting the message currently open at the top
of the page).

I don't think I would advocate copying that particular implementation in
Groups.io; likely it would be more sensible to provide a true "Thread View"
as an alternate sort option for an open message topic/thread (versus the
existing date sort options).

-- Shal

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