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When you say that Groups.io not be turned into Facebook 2, I'm not sure
I understand. Is that because you don't think there should be likes, or
is it something more?
One of the consistent complaints in the Yahoo Groups community about "becoming Facebook" had to do with the style of presenting messages, and authoring replies.

In classic Yahoo Groups the message list had three views available to the user:

"Simple", which showed just the subject, author and date:

"Summaries", which added a summary of the content (much as Groups.io's Thread and Message View of the Archives):

"Expanded", which showed the whole message bodies:

If I recall correctly one of the short-lived redesigns copied Facebook even to the extent of displaying the message archive as a list of topics, with the replies inline under the topic, much as a Facebook status update and its comments.

The other factor that was considered Facebook-like was opening up a reply inline with the message, and not providing for a quote of the original message (marked with the standard plain-text > indentation) in the edit box for the reply. This, alas, is replicated in Groups.io, leaving those who read by email in the dark for context. It also makes it difficult for me to practice my preferred style of interspersed quote and reply when addressing a longer message, or any message with more than one point.

Many of us were more comfortable with a Reply interface that more closely resembled an email message composition window after clicking "Reply".

-- Shal
(Classic Yahoo Groups's web UI could be modelled, in many ways, as simply a group-enhanced webmail MUA.)

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