locked Re: Bug in message formatting - strikethrough doesn't "stick".


Would strike-through come through anyway in plain text, which is how I and many
others always read email? If it's showing something significant about the edit,
another way of doing it might be more appropriate.

Jim Fisher

On 16 Nov 2014 at 1:46, Shal Farley wrote:

I wrote:

The strikethrough font attribute doesn't appear to save when editing a message.
Bold and color do.

Oh, it doesn't post when creating a new message either.
I take that back. The strikethrough came through in the email, so it must be
just a display problem in the archive.

Nope, not as simple as that either. Strikethrough shows in the archive for my
message in this (beta) group, which was posted by email. But not in the archive
of a message in my test group posted via the group. But it did come through in
the email of that same message.

-- Shal

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