locked Re: Creeping Facebook


This one I did test!

There are two links at the foot of the message: "View attachments on the web" and a clickable thumbnail.
On the (Mac) desktop when not logged in to Yahoo, the "View attachments" link led to a view of the group site with a large thumbnail of the photo which could be opened, but without access to the rest of the group data.
The "clickable thumbnail" link gave the same limited view of the group site but also opened the picture.

When previously logged-in the photo was displayed in the same way, but full access to the site was available.

So the desktop behaved by and large correctly.

On my iPhone (not previously logged in) both links gave the Yahoo log-in screen.

When I had logged in to Yahoo, the iPhone displayed the large thumbnail or the opened picture, depending on which link was touched.

I tried the above on both Gmail and Apple Mail on Desktop and iPhone and the results were the same.

So I would guess that what I found is a quirk of iOS?

But many people use predominantly email for group interaction, and it is understandable that having to log in to Yahoo to see a picture is a pain - particularly when they don't know that they only have to do it once and thereafter it will work!

More Yahoo stuff - sorry Mark!


On 15 November 2014 23:31, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:

> "Could I just say hooray for Facebook. I read your same post on the
> Yahoo site, clicked on the attachment, was asked for my password,
> couldn't be bothered, so moved on.

That's odd.

The store-on-site attachments are normally (or have been, I haven't tested recently) available via the email link without signing in. Maybe when they enhanced the handling of images a few months back they broke or forgot about that feature.

-- Shal

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