locked Re: Digest headers

Jennifer Christian

I like Mark's changes -- because I think list-serv emails should have the MOST catchy and important stuff at the top -- what the reader sees first. Personally I am much less likely to even READ emails that have boilerplate at the top. The CONTENT is what makes me engage and read on. As moderators, our goal is to ENGAGE and deliver real VALUE to our members -- not help cranky people unsubscribe (which admittedly is important and required by law, but not the POINT.) Thus, on every message and every screen, the goal is to MINIMIZE anything which is not NEW CONTENT or otherwise useful to the careless, fast-moving, fickle readers of today. So, Mark, if you could skip the line break between the two top sentences in your proposed simplified version, that will get the reader to the content even faster. One question: how will switching to HTML digests change things? Jennifer Christian

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