locked Re: Attachments


On 16 November 2014 03:00, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:
> Now I find that setting Yahoo to "no html" means that mails *with* html
> are bounced...

That shouldn't happen, unless the message has no text/plain part.

I just re-tested this in my test group and verified that a message with both text/plain and text/HTML parts is accepted by a group set to "Plain Text" - the text/plain part posts and the text/HTML part is discarded.

​Hi Shal,

​I changed my group to text only and got complaints from the membership - so I changed it back again. Unlike you I didn't test it myself - mea culpa - so perhaps it was a temporary glitch. But now I've dangled pictures in front of them, it's unlikely they'd go back to  plain text.

Mark - sorry to discuss Yahoo problems on a IO-orientated forum - but perhaps it illustrates the mistakes that IO shouldn't make?



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