locked Re: Suggestion, implement renaming of subgroups

chris <challsworth2@...>

I'm with you. Thanks for the explanation.

On 05/10/2015 20:35, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 11:25 AM, Christopher Hallsworth <
challsworth2@icloud.com> wrote:

I have been informed that the ability to rename subgroups is just not
possible. So can I suggest you implement this in the future please? Thanks!

You can indeed rename subgroups. I believe the person who was having
problems renaming their subgroup was entering the entire group and subgroup
name into the subgroup name box. If you go to the Settings page for the
subgroup, it puts only the subgroup name into an editable text box, because
that's all you're allowed to change there. So, if the entire address of
your subgroup is beta+bork@groups.io, in the Settings page, only 'bork' is
in the editable text field. To use the example of the person having a
problem renaming their group, they were trying to change 'bork' to
'beta+newname', which the system rejected as an invalid subgroup name. They
should just enter 'newname' into the text field.

Hope this helps.


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