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I've just pushed to the site the ability to edit archived messages.
Also, the Edit and Delete buttons now also appear when viewing messages
in the Inbox view. Let me know if you see any issues.
I strongly believe that each edit should cause the message to be re-sent by email. Otherwise the email-only members are in the dark.

In fact, as things stand even those who read by web are in the dark, unless they happen to stumble upon the edited message. So maybe the edited message needs to have its date/time stamp replaced by the date/time of the edit. Or maybe be able to sort the archive by either the original or the last edited date/time.

As things stand, one might question what benefit there is to being able to edit a message, if no one but the person who made the edit knows that it happened. Just "correcting the record" might be benign, but it can also be corrosive if done in the dark.

Let me put this bluntly: I don't want to be a member of any group where a moderator might decide to "correct" my words, and I'm left none the wiser.

The ability to edit a message while pending can be abused (and almost certainly has been), but at least I as a member receiving messages (or monitoring recent posts in the archive) have an opportunity to notice such behavior and take appropriate action (ask why, unsubscribe, file a TOS violation, etc.).

On the flip side, I'm fairly sure that some group owners (myself included in some cases) will feel strongly about the sanctity of their groups' message archive. They'll either want an option to turn off message editing or a wiki-like way to view the prior revision(s). Or both.

There's also a question of using edit to bypass message moderation. Perhaps committing the edit to the archive should require moderator approval under the same terms as new posting by that member. That could work slickly with a wiki-history.

At the very least, moderators might want a notification when messages are edited. Obviously needed if the edits are held pending, but arguably also needed if the message doesn't get re-sent.

Chris Leong wrote:

What if there was a note indicating that the message had been edited by
a particular user on a particular date? That might curb potential
I think a re-send will also curb potential abuse: it fully exposes any attempt at being underhanded.

Such as posting a message that says "people who read by email are the smart ones" then immediately editing it to read "people who read by email are dinosaurs". Or vice-versa.

-- Shal

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