locked Re: yahoogroup message archive transfer?



My question is : is it possible to transfer the message archive?
No (not yet?).

There is a tool to download a copy of your Yahoo Group's messages, but there's no tool for uploading it somewhere else.

And, there is a permission issue with doing that: Yahoo makes it pretty clear that you need your contributing members' permission:
(item 5)

It is pretty valuable to us. I'd be happy with just copying over all the
first posts (not replies) of the 10 moderators and the owner address as
a bare minimum.
That would cover the permission issue then.

I saw tantalising mention of using hashtags to silently "load" messages
into a group, but could not find further details?
That mechanism has at least two defects for this purpose. First is that the messages "loaded" this way would be attributed to ("From") the person doing the loading, not the original poster. Second, they would be dated as of the date loaded and appear in that order in the message lists. The first may not be a problem for your limited case, the second is harder to guess.

To do it, you create a hashtag and give it the NoEmail property. Then you send (via email) or post (via web) those messages with that hashtag in the subject line. For your purpose you might name the hashtag "history" or "archive" or something like that indicating that these are messages copied from the old group.


An altogether different approach is to leave the old groups' content in place at the Yahoo Group as the archive of its content. For more detail see:

-- Shal

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