locked Re: Allowing non-subscribers to post



If we go with the current guest subscription proposal, in addition to
the normal 'Approve' button when viewing a pending message, there'd be a
'Approve & Subscribe' button, which would create a subscription for the
person and set that subscription to only receive replies to their
message. Should there also be an option to create a full/normal
Yes. For my primary use cases I'd more likely create a normal subscription (but I do see where following only their own thread would be a useful choice in some cases).

As part of this, anyone who is subscribed this way will have to reply to
a confirmation email to verify that they want the subscription. I could,
through that, allow them to decide whether to only receive replies to
their email or to have a full subscription. That would obviate the need
for another Approve & Subscribe button.
Hmm, no.

In my use case I would want their default (say they just reply to the confirmation email) to be the option I chose. So I think both buttons would still be needed.

Providing the option in the confirmation email is probably a good feature anyway, for those new members observant enough to use it. I'm not sure what form the choice would take in the email, but if it is a control that has a default then its default should match the button I chose.

Also, is it important to have these subscriptions marked as special in
the member lists, like the proposal states?
Not for me, I think. I can sort the Members list by Joined date to readily find any new ones, and if I'm concerned with an old one I probably know the email address or something I can search for.

But if it is in the Members list I'd want it to be searchable and sortable. That is, I can imagine use cases where it would be handy to bring up a list of just such members, or bring them to the top of the list. And of course be in export as well.

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