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Hi Mark,
I don’t plan to use this feature, but I have no problem with it being available to group owners who want it.

Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2015 1:09 AM
Subject: Re: [beta] Allowing non-subscribers to post

Hi Mark, I really don’t like this idea at all.  I understand it is turned off by default, but if for whatever reason it was turned on by mistake that could be a real mess on some groups.  What was the reason for doing this?   It must have been discussed quite a while ago, because I don’t remember it.


If this is implemented, why  even bother having people subscribe and have them provide information if that is required.  What is going to keep spammers from being one of these non-subscribers?


Sorry to burst your bubble and I’m sure my opinion won’t make a difference.


Judy F.

SW Florida - USA


From: Mark Fletcher [mailto:markf@corp.groups.io]
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2015 12:52 AM
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Subject: [beta] Allowing non-subscribers to post


Hi All,


I've spent the last week implementing this feature. There will be a checkbox in Settings, that if checked, will allow non subscribers to post to your group. The posts will be moderated/require your approval before they're posted to your group. And the default for this setting will be OFF.


It took a bunch of work, because the code was originally written assuming that each message belonged to a subscriber. But it's worth it; I think this will be a good feature for some groups.


A long time ago we talked about 'guest subscriptions' (see here: https://trello.com/c/C1rL9msW/11-guest-subscriptions), and this change will help make that a possibility. The question I have is about making these people subscribers and specifically, what options should I have in the pending message approval page for this.


If we go with the current guest subscription proposal, in addition to the normal 'Approve' button when viewing a pending message, there'd be a 'Approve & Subscribe' button, which would create a subscription for the person and set that subscription to only receive replies to their message. Should there also be an option to create a full/normal subscription?


As part of this, anyone who is subscribed this way will have to reply to a confirmation email to verify that they want the subscription. I could, through that, allow them to decide whether to only receive replies to their email or to have a full subscription. That would obviate the need for another Approve & Subscribe button. Thoughts?


Also, is it important to have these subscriptions marked as special in the member lists, like the proposal states?




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