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Hi Shal,
I used to save both versions (Download and Export) – just to have them (security blanket).  As far as the members’ names go, it would be great to have them.  However, the vast majority have not entered their names in their subscriptions.  I’ve been doing it for them when they post and sign their messages – but in one list, signatures are not required and many members prefer not to sign (support group). 
I used your method to download with Wordpad, Save As Text Document - MS-DOS Format, and when I opened it with Notepad it was readable enough (one line per member) that I decided not to go to the trouble of removing all the gibberish I don’t need – especially since I’m hopeful that Mark will come through when he has the time.
Thanks again,

Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 4:50 PM
Subject: Re: [beta] Download member list question with Windows

> .... I don’t think that list owners, previously from Yahoogroups, will
> be pleased at having to go through all those hoops to get what, prior
> to Neo, had been available with a single click (download). Just my
> opinion...

Having a "lite" version of the Members list export, which gives only the
email addresses one per line (as in the Y!Groups classic "Download") is
certainly a feature request Mark can consider. I'd like to find a better
way to describe it though, as "Export" versus "Download" was not very
intuitive for many people (though it became pretty obvious once you
tried it).

The other difference here, versus Y!G classic, is this business of
having to download the file to open it, rather than having the plain
text simply appear in a browser page (where you could copy/paste or use
Save As, per your own preference). I'm not sure what the technical
considerations are, and certainly for groups with thousands of members a
copy/paste could be problematic, but for smaller groups it is nice to
remove the extra steps.

That said, I'm of the "but why would you ever want just the email
addresses?" camp. Because I don't understand it, I may not be the best
at describing what you want.

-- Shal

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