locked Re: Download member list question with Windows


On 8 Sep 2015 at 21:58, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Someone is having an issue with the downloaded member list. They're
running Windows, and I'm on Mac, so unfortunately I can't help. They would
like to bring the member list into Notepad or Wordpad to edit (they just
want the email addresses out of the file), but they're having problems
because Windows doesn't think the .csv file is plain text.
Something else is going on. Windows handles the csv from groups.io just
fine. Notepad will open the csv, or you could rename to txt.

It shouldn't be the encoding. I think the file is UTF-8, but that shouldn't
cause a problem.

My guess is that when opening a file within Notepad, it filters all the files to
show only txt "Text Documents (*.txt)". A csv will not show up. There's a
pulldown to select "All Files (*.*)"

Wordpad's similar in that the Open File dialog filters for "All Wordpad
Documents". To show all files, just pull down to "All Documents".

But as has been said already, a spreadsheet or database manager will be
the easiest to deal with the column formats.


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