locked Creeping Facebook


One of the dinosaurs that I've mentioned before has started tinkering with the Facebook version of my main Yahoo group. After some lengthy email tuition he's managed to post a few messages. Since he's much respected in the group, inevitably he's dragged others with him - I hope Groups IO will fly before everyone becomes indoctrinated!

I've just observed an interesting effect. I'd enabled attachments on the Yahoo group to partially stem the leak of members by the provision of photos. The dinosaur posted some text with a picture on both groups. Here's a quote taken verbatim from a comment on the FB version by someone who was previously a long-term Facebook denier:

"Could I just say hooray for Facebook. I read your same post on the Yahoo site, clicked on the attachment, was asked for my password, couldn't be bothered, so moved on. On your post here I could see the photo without jumping through hoops." (She's using Gmail on iOS on an iPad).

So any future mobile app. for Groups IO shouldn't demand a password to see a photo.

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