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Andy I

One of my groups makes heavy use of Files.  We have files going back a ways, in several (hundreds if not thousands of) directories.  The general plan is that files are uploaded into one directory, and a week or so later each file is either deleted or moved from there to a permanent new home in a new directory.  This keeps it manageable.

However, moving files is a challenge, due to the very long list of destination folders. pops up a list of every possible directory in the entire File structure, which in my case spans many dozens of screens, so there is a lot of scrolling up and down to find the right destination.  Until very recently, this was manageable because I could skip to the very end of the long list (press "End" key) and scroll up from there until I found where I wanted the file to go.

But now (today or a few days ago) it seems the order of those files in the pop-up window has changed, which puts a monkey wrench into my steps.  Maybe the order was simply reversed now, but I'm not sure yet.  (Why did it change?)  Maybe the new order is actually better overall.  Too early to say.

So, while I am here talking about this subject (I am finally getting around to the point of this), I want to suggest better ways to select destinations for moving files.

I really do not like having the entire directory structure open every time we need to move a file.  Would it be possible to change it, so that only the top directory is open at first?  Then click on a directory (or a "+" sign next to the directory) to open its contents.  And so on.

This makes it similar to the way MS-Windows works.  When I open Windows Explorer and look at the C: drive, I don't see screenfuls showing every single directory on the C: drive.  I see only the files and directories at the top level, and then I can click on one of them to see what subdirectories it holds, and work my way down until I get to any desired destination.  Another analogy is Windows Help (used with some Windows programs, e.g. Irfanview), in the Contents listing, where there are "+" signs next to every item, to open or close that portion of the listing.

Can something like that be incorporated in

If the answer is no, or not without serious side-effects, maybe there is another way.

I also wondered whether it helps to add the ability to search in the very long list of directories, instead of having the scroll and scroll and scroll.  But I think that would be less useful than what I described above.  (Anyway, I think I can use my web browser's 'Find'.)

I think it is only the (file) Move operation where this situation happens.

Andy I

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