locked Re: Need publicly viewable archive option in subgroup #suggestion



Hmm. At first blush I can't see a reason to not add that. One
question: what would be the allowed changes to this setting? Right
now, you can't go from viewable by subgroup members only to viewable
by parent group members. Would you be able to go from viewable by
parent group members to publicly viewable? I'm guessing no? So
there'd be two 'one way only changes' with archive visibility for
Well, I really don't like these one-way settings in the first place. I understand that members want some assurances, but I'm still in the "my group, my rules" camp, even on this issue. So I wouldn't have restrictions.

But that's a topic for another thread (I have ideas along the lines of saving the privacy of a message as per-message metadata - allowing the group moderator to change the setting without revealing messages posted under a more restrictive setting). Privacy of photos at Flickr is a per-photo adjustment, with a default applied at upload, so that's sort of my model.

That said, within your current scheme of things, yes. It would be consistent to have the one-way direction being from less restricted to more.

-- Shal

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