locked Need publicly viewable archive option in subgroup #suggestion


Hi Mark!

I'm finding great uses for sub-groups in my PTA group - it is an awesome feature that I never knew I needed.

That said, I'm bumping into one seemingly needless restriction that is blocking one use I have in mind. The main PTA group has publicly viewable archives, and one of my subgroup use cases also needs publicly viewable archives, but that's not an option. I'd want this in addition to the existing choices (viewable by parent group members & viewable by subgroup members). Listed in parent group.

In fact, I could see a use case for publicly viewable archives in a subgroup of a parent group whose archives are members-only.

I think in this case I can work-around the limitation by using another group (not a subgroup) but that feels like a kludge and will complicate member management.

-- Shal

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