locked Re: Email address obscuring


My opinion is that it doesn't really matter.  Personally, if I want to reply to a topic off list to a specific member, from my email account, I would prefer to have the email address visible.  Or, to have the option to reply to an individual from email.  If email addresses are obscured, then to reply to an individual, there are several extra steps that would be needed:  Click on the link below the message to Reply to this Message, then click Reply, type in the message you want to send, then click Reply and from the drop down menu, click on Reply to Sender. 

A lot of members probably read the messages on the group message page.  But, I still find going from one page to the next confusing.  So, I read messages in my inbox.  Sometimes, I come across a message that I might want to send a reply directly to the message poster.  Right now, I can do that simply by copying the email address and pasting it into the "To: field of my email form.  Not as much clicking.  If the member's email address is not available in the digest or message, then I would have to go to the group site. 

Since I live with multiple disabilities, I like to keep it simple.  Less is More and Keep it Simply Simple.  I don't know how easy it would be to have this be a member defined thing for those members who want their email addresses to be completely private no matter what the group owner has for settings.  I'd say use a hotmail, gmail, or other web mail service just for the group.  Some services will allow you to have multiple email addresses and you can use a different one for each group.  Just remember to use different passwords and write them in a notebook and keep it in the bottom drawer of your desk at home. 

Even though I said I like to keep things simple, I do have different passwords for each account where I am registered. 


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