moderated Searching for "User Names" in Members #suggestion

Andy I

User profiles can have a "User Name".  I don't know how significant it is.  Its use appears to be limited to about three places:
  1. in Chats,
  2. in one's Profile ID (as in "" versus ""),
  3. and at the top of the user's Profile page.

I don't use Chats in

If I have identified someone with their profile page (which I got by clicking on their name at the top of a message), I know their Display Name and their User Name if they have one.  I might want to see their full membership information.  But I can't search the Members list (Admin > Members) for their User Name.  Apparently, User Names are not indexed and cannot be searched within the Members list.

My suggestion is to make it possible to Search for User Names in the Members list.  I offer this suggestion but I don't know if this is actually worthwhile.  It is frustrating to know someone's User Name and not be able to find them in the Members list, especially when dangles the User Name in front of us.


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