moderated Promoted events on cal-summary messages #suggestion

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

as a group owner, I'd like the ability to have selected events appear at the top of the #cal-summary message to give them more prominence as 'promoted' (for want of a better word) events

Rather than send separate reminders for individual events, we make use of the weekly #cal-summary message. Currently, this message includes the next 20 events on a calendar in chronological order.  We have some events that are planned and need to be advertised from a long way out but due to the number of other calendar events, never make it onto the #cal-summary message until just a few weeks before they happen.

My suggestion for achieving this would be:
  • On the calendar event definition page, include an extra option (checkbox) to mark it as a 'promoted' event
  • In the group settings, as a sub-selection to 'Send Event Summaries' have an option to include promoted events and a future date selection.  If the option is set here, the process that generates the #cal-summary message would start with any promoted event up to the future date specified (in chronological order) and then add other events as normal up to the 20 limit.

The only workaround I have for this at present is to moderate the #cal-summary hashtag and then edit the pending message to add in or change the order of the events listed.


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