Moderated Extra member data #releasenotes


Hi All,

I just pushed the first iteration of the extra member data feature I mentioned a few weeks ago. Here are the details of this new feature:

  • You can now specify new fields, similar to Database table fields, that are associated with each of your group members. To do so, go to the Default Sub Settings page under Settings and look for the Extra Member Data section at the bottom of the page.
  • These fields are searchable/sortable in the Members page, and the profile ones are searchable in the Directory page.
  • If the Answer Required To Join The Group checkbox is checked, whenever someone joins/applies to join your group, they will be required to fill out that field first. This does not apply to people joining by email, direct add, or invites.
  • If the Viewable In A Member's Profile checkbox is checked, that field will be shown in each member's group profile page.
  • If neither of those checkboxes are checked, then that field is invisible to the member and is only accessible by moderators.
  • Moderators can edit these fields by clicking on a member in the Members page.
  • Members can edit profile fields by editing their group profile (Go to Subscription, then click Group Profile, then click Edit Group Profile).
  • Members can view/edit required to join fields that are not also profile fields by going to their Subscription page.
  • I have added two new activity log entries:
    • Edited Extra Data for when a member edits one of these fields
    • Moderator changed extra data for when a moderator edits one of these fields

Some notes:

  • This feature is for premium and enterprise groups.
  • Currently it is enabled only for stand-alone groups and parent groups. I intend to enable it for subgroups as well, but I am still unsure how that should work (and am looking for help from you all to figure it out).
  • Work supporting this in the API is not yet complete.

Questions for you:

  • Currently changes to these fields do not generate notifications. Should they be included in the Account Changes notification? And if so, should other (standard) profile changes also be included in that notification?
  • How should subgroups handle these new fields? I know there was some discussion on the previous topic, but I'm still trying to get my head around a solution that isn't too complicated to understand (and implement).
  • Is the terminology understandable?
  • Anything else I missed.

Work on this touched a lot of the system. I've tested it, but please let me know if you see any bugs.

(Also I'm posting this under a new hashtag, #releasenotes).


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