locked I would like to make a suggestion


I belong to a group for people who have cats with chronic kidney disease.  It's a very active group and the owner recently moved from Big Tent to Groups.io.  Since it is a busy group, I get messages delivered in a Daily Digest.  However, sometimes there are several digests in one day.  It makes for a lot of scrolling. 

Using Big Tent on digest mode,  I could click on the topic at the top of the message and would get taken to the first message in that topic.  Then, I could click on the link to go back to the top where the list of topics is and click on the next topic I wanted to read.  I did not read all topics in all digests.  Since the owner has moved the group to Groups.io, I find that I am really missing those helpful links to go from topics to messages and back to topics.  I am tending towards not reading any of the messages now, due to all of the scrolling I have to do in order to just read messages.

I am wondering if it would be possible to have a set up like what I described for the Big Tent digests,  with Groups.io digests? 


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