moderated TopicView, MessageView, TopicProperties, & TopicsListView hashtag display sort order problems #bug


Hi Mark,

In the TopicView & MessageView screens, multiple hashtags are always getting displayed sorted by CreationDate when they really should be displayed in the order they were received (or later-edited order).  Altering the hashtag order could mess up the subject if the sender used the hashtags to end the subject in a sentence way for example.

Similarly in the TopicProperties screen the subject is displayed for editing with the hashtags sorted by CreationDate not the original or later-edited order.

In the TopicsListView screen it gets a bit weird for the hashtag display order. In my small 14-topic sample, half were OK and have the hashtags displayed in the order received, the other half had 5 instances of the originally-first hashtag in the set now display* at the back of the set, and 2 instances of the opposite, the originally-last hashtag now display at the beginning of the set.  The rest of the tags would stay in the same order between them and just shift left or right in the order, see attached.

* (or possibly assigned to during extraction)

Viewing the message source for those problem ones shows the correct hashtag order as received in the email or typed online in the NewTopic subject field.


Hashtag_sortorder.jpg 401 KB

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