moderated Chat activity not in the Activity log #bug

Andy I

I have no use for Chats (speaking specifically about the "Chats" feature in, but I suppose they might be helpful in some groups.

However, it appears that all activity related to Chats is excluded from the group's Activity log.  There is no mention of a new chat having been created, or added to by further replies, nor the creation of the group's hashtag #chat-notice, nor the posting of the group message that announces the new chat.

I'm not saying that some or all of this ought to be logged into the Activity log, but it seems like some of it should.  Personally I would not want all chat activity to be logged; but probably the hashtag, and maybe the group message, could be logged.

It is not even logged under a member's Activity History, and that doesn't feel right.  There are many things I would not want in the group's Activity log, but I wouldn't mind if it is in an individual's Activity History (which I'm assuming is separate from the group's Activity log, but that might be a flawed assumption).


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