locked Re: Calendar is live

Laurence Taylor

On 11/11/2014 20:56, Ian Gillis wrote:


I'm not a Facebook devotee and I far prefer lengthy prose to vestigial

But I feel you do Facebook a disservice in lumping it together with Twitter
and the like. I would dispute that it is designed around short messages -
there appears to be no reasonable limit to the post length and lengthy
treatises can be compiled and linked to posts using the Facebook Notes
True; FB will do long messages, but you rarely see them. Twitter frankly
I don't see the point.

Moreover, if you post messages to the <mygroup>@groups.facebook.com address
and turn on email notifications you can turn it into a fair copy of a list
I didn't know that! I do have email notification, and it says on it "to
respond reply to this email" but when I tried it it didn't work.

The trouble with Facebook groupsis that you can't create one without
providing members, so testing is a bit difficult.

Facebook has a bad image because of its more uncouth devotees - but it has
attributes which may be ignored by the yobbos but are nevertheless there
for use by the more "couth" of us.

From your email handle I presume you are involved with the amateur radio
fraternity - I'm involved with groups of engineers and I can assure you
that Facebook is quite popular once they become familiar with its rather
different UI and overcome their innate prejudice.
You presume correctly :-)

I'm a member of several tech-related FB groups, but the vast majority
seem to be fairly trivial. Maybe I should try starting a seriouis one!


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