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I’m honored to get a reply directly from you on this; I know how involved you are.


To be sure, within this Database < >, I have the Row with Woodward/Robert (William?)/Bob (Woody) showing. Using the Search box and entering “wood” or (you can see the search strings I’ve attempted), I come up with a null result. I’ve tried this with a few other ‘partial’ search strings – those where I was looking at the entry I was trying to ‘find’, but using only (the leading) part of the entry – as in “wood, Wood, Woodw” and all came up null.


I tested this in my parent Excel spreadsheet and have proven able to ‘find’ “Associate” by searching for “ssoc” and “Woodward” by searching for “odw” – note, NO “*” wildcard entered into my search string.


I’ve done similar in numerous other apps and docs. The search function, at least within this Database, seems cumbersomely crude and restrictive. As with many, I often don’t know how the entry was made (form/format), how it was misspelled, or what might be CAPS or spaces.


Thank you,


Daniel J. Tucker
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On Tue, May 31, 2022 at 2:31 PM Dan Tucker <antiquetuck@...> wrote:

Along with Duane in his #25822, I'm finding it inconsistent and/or certainly not convenient to have to remember to add the "*" (wildcard/asterisk) to simple 'partial' searches. I was just looking at "Woodward" and "Woody" and attempted a search for "Wood" - led to doing that by not finding "Wood" the first time - and found nothing. I don't know of many 'search functions' that won't automatically assume and find parts of the string without using the wildcard. If nothing else, it could be extremely confusing and non-productive to be putting the wildcards not in the right place for that search.

Sorry, I'm confused. On the /members page for your main group, I did a search on 'wood' and it came up with 3 results, which all looked good. `woody' and `woodward` came up with 0 results, but that also looks ok. Can you give me some more information on what results you were expecting?




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