moderated Re: Drafts completely disappearing #bug



I was going to tell you (and had composed a draft telling you) that I didn't know whether it happened in any groups besides my own, but it just happened in THIS group (beta). I had composed the draft and gone into my group to check on the terminology used for "View all [n] messages in this topic," because I was going to report to you that that's one of the things I've been doing that's been resulting in the draft being lost. When I came back to this group to continue my draft containing that info, it was blank. Here is what I had written up to that point:

I waited a week to report this to make sure it was happening consistently, because I guessed you were going to say that you couldn't reproduce it and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't imagining it. It's consistent. I'm using Firefox, and I'm composing in the message-composition box. Typically what I do is start a draft, and then go into something like the Files section to look something up, or click on "View all [n] messages in this topic" to see what transpired in the past on the subject. I meticulously avoid using the "back" arrows since that's what was causing my losing of drafts a year or so ago, and which was discussed at great length then.



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