moderated Re: Weird topic-locking behavior in a particular group #misc #bug


OK, I think I figured out what's going on.

This particular group has a LockedTopic notice and is active.

When locking a topic using the TopicProperties method, when one clicks on LockTopic they are presented with a dropdown which defaults to using the LockedTopic notice if it's active, otherwise defaults to Don't Send. 

If one uses the direct link LockTopic method, this happens transparently.

Fine, I get this part, but shouldn't that notice be sent to a member who tries to reply to this topic?  In this case that notice gets posted to the group instead when I lock the topic which doesn't make that much sense, to me at least.  If I'm doing archive maintenance, why would I want to saturate the message archive with FYI messages that I'm locking some topic?  Shouldn't the default be No message unless if I actively set it on?  On top of that, the blurb says "Message to send to the group when locking a topic."  Again, I was under the impression this would be the notice sent to the poster, not to the group.  We cannot have more than one active LockedNotice so this is not a case of having two notices, one sent to the poster if they try to reply and another one posted to the group when I lock a topic as an FYI.

So I'm a bit confused, either I'm not fully understanding the expected process or something is not quite right with what's currently happening.

And the reason I initially missed this is because I was using the direct link lock method (where this happens transparently) and when locking the topic that way, if one goes to the TopicProperties afterwards they see this:

Notice how the dropdown is not showing now?  One has to uncheck and recheck the Locked checkbox in order for the dropdown to show up again, so it's easy to miss what's going on.


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