moderated Photo album improvements #suggestion


There are many thing to like about GIO's photo tools, including the rotation tool.

Many images in the group I help manage arrive as mail attachments. Moving them to albums is convoluted; download, then upload again.
It's a waste of bandwidth & a PITA to have to go this route; after all, they are already stored in an album, albeit the "mail" one.

But there are real advantages to have imagery gathered together in a titled album re: a topic.

And if you strip the images from the mail to avoid duplicates consuming storage, important context is lost for the imagery.

So I propose/suggest:

The ideal outcome would be you could move mail imagery into regular albums. When you do so, in place of the imagery, the archived email would get a attached link to the new location. So you can look at the album, or the mail, and still get there.


You can build a regular album with either imagery in mail attachments or directly uploaded. Then, the "message" images have a link to the album location.

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