moderated Re: #suggestion - default sort in database #suggestion

Dan B, District 26 Webadmin <webadmin@...>

In addition to picking the default column to sort by, I think moderators would also need to be able to specify the sort direction (ascending or descending).  The most common request I have seen when scanning other forums (such as the group moderator forum) is to be able to put the most recently created items at the top, so that users don't have to go through multiple pages in order to get to current items.

In terms of absolute minimum new capability that might seem to address the 80% case, I would suggest simply having a checkbox specifying whether the default sort (by ID) is ascending or descending.  Beyond, that the ability to specify which is the default sort column (with a pull-down) would certainly be delightful.
Aside: Is there any open-source way to contribute to  As a developer I'd be happy to take a look at this.

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