moderated Re: Conflicting Message Policies UI issue #bug #suggestion


Hi Mark,

Thanks and it works great, and yes the HTML footers are nicer.  The text-only footers are not bad either, maybe just a bit spartan. :)


On 2022-04-28 13:49, Mark Fletcher via wrote:


I've fixed this. The "Plain Text Only" setting extracts the plain text part of a message (almost all emails have both plain text and HTML parts) and creates a new email with just the plain text part. The "Force HTML Email" setting means that we take any emails that only contain plain text and convert them into emails that contain both HTML and plain text parts. Most email clients, given an email with both HTML and plain text parts, will display the HTML part. The HTML parts of emails sent by us contain nice footers with links in them. So, using both settings, you ensure that the messages to your group contain no formatting whatsoever, but also contain nice footers.

Hope this helps.


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