moderated Re: Moderation improvements #update

Steve Hayes

On 22 Apr 2022 at 15:17, Mark Fletcher wrote:

I spent most of this week working on adding the ability to moderate a
bunch more things, including adding/editing calendar events, files,
photos, wiki, etc. It's a lot of tricky work and won't be ready for a few more
weeks, if I'm lucky, but I wanted to start a discussion about what kind of
moderation controls should be added for this. How fine grain of control do you
want for this? One possible aspect of this would be that each feature would
have a moderation toggle for the entire group. But I can see things getting
immensely complicated if we have separate per-member moderation overrides for
each individual feature, for example.
For the groups I run, coarse-grained moderation would be adequate.

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