moderated Re: Posting a message "from" the group owner address doesn't post as from the group owner address #bug

Donald Hellen

Now I am wondering if Mark is testing different versions of the GIO interface,
like Facebook does, across subsets of the user base. For instance, you and I
could see quite a different FB page at the same moment. This happens all the
time and few are even aware of it.

That makes it difficult to keep browser add-ins working for everyone who uses a
FB "fixer" add-in, because while it works for one person, it may not for
another. Then again, a fix made in an add-on for FB might fix a problem for most
of the users might just create a new problem for others. This is the case with
the FB "fixer" called Social Fixer. It works well, for most of the users, most
of the time. But sometimes FB makes a change across a subset of its user base
and only some have problems because of it. Others don't have any problems,
because they weren't in the subset where the changes are being tested.

I mention this just in case Mark rolls out new features slowly across all users.
I didn't think he did this, but now I'm wondering if this is indeed the case
here since we're seeing different results when doing the same things.

Of course, all bets are off if there's a "fixer" add-in for GIO that some are
using and some are not. I am not aware of any, though, at this time.


On Fri, 22 Apr 2022 06:57:16 -0700, "Janet_Catlady"
<JanetOliviaCatlady@...> wrote:

I'm not seeing that. I know. At least one other person here is also not seeing it. But I've tested this a couple of times. As someone here suggested, maybe it depends on some group setting?

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