moderated Force actual download of CSV member list from "Download" button #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

Mark -- Something funny has arisen with the Member List download function (not the group export).

When I click on the "Download" button, it still displays the member list in CSV format just fine. But when I right-click on the display and select "Save as," the resulting document now contains the page source, not the list (see attachment). I could have sworn this approach used to work before...

This is using the latest version of Chrome (Version 100.0.4896.127, 64-bit). Others have reported that Firefox can still save the page and get the right content, but...

Could we also somehow add the new "download" attribute to this function, thereby forcing a download? When I click a Download button, I expect a download to happen...having text displayed in my browser window instead is disconcerting and requires several additional steps to actually get the desired CSV file.

Thanks much,

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