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On 11 November 2014 14:47, Laurence Taylor <g7mzh@...> wrote:
The "like" function can be part of it, but more importantly, there is a
significant difference between a Facebook-like setup (I'm inlcuding
Myspace, Twitter, Tumbler, &c), which is designed round short messages
and usually even sorter responses and only function when connected to
the respective web site, and discussion groups (Yahoo Groups, Google
Groups, MLM, &c), which are intended for long posts and equally long
replies, which may be read and written offline.


I'm not a Facebook devotee and I far prefer lengthy prose to vestigial comments.

But I feel you do Facebook a disservice in lumping it together with Twitter and the like. I would dispute that it is designed around short messages - there appears to be no reasonable limit to the post length and lengthy treatises can be compiled and linked to posts using the Facebook Notes facility.
Moreover, if you post messages to the <mygroup>@groups.facebook.com address and turn on email notifications you can turn it into a fair copy of a list server.

Facebook has a bad image because of its more uncouth devotees - but it has attributes which may be ignored by the yobbos but are nevertheless there for use by the more "couth" of us.

From your email handle I presume you are involved with the amateur radio fraternity - I'm involved with groups of engineers and I can assure you that Facebook is quite popular once they become familiar with its rather different UI and overcome their innate prejudice.



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