moderated Re: Manually following a topic with attachments sends out invalid attachments in the catch-up emails #bug


On Sun, Mar 6, 2022 at 1:25 PM Christos Psarras <christos@...> wrote:

I just manually followed a topic which had attachments on some of the messages.  When I got the catch-up emails, while the attachments were included and correctly named, the files themselves were not the actual files but some pointer/reference/object name/no clue gibberish characters value (can be viewed in Windows Notepad).  The "attachments" range in size from 24 bytes for PDFs to around 200 bytes for the JPEGs and other types.  They seem to contain the same starting string to a certain point, then it varies. A second test of this on the same group with a different topic with attachments behaved the same way.

This has been fixed.


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