locked Re: Eliminate passwords?


Here are the problems I see with this idea:

1. Lose your email provider, lose your groups.io account. If your email address goes away for any reason (like the provider going bankrupt), there is no way to authenticate to your existing account under a different email address.

2. Users not used to this who also never delete messages, getting confused and clicking the wrong older message with a link that doesn't work anymore. (Did gmail ever go the route they were planning where they were never going to allow email messages to be deleted ever?)

3. Enterprise users will likely need a stronger form of security. However, they might want you to integrate with their own authentication methods, which I'm sure you'd do for the right price.

4. I'm not actually logged on to the service with the email for the account I've registered for use with Groups.io. I'm normally not logged on there because I don't particularly like being tracked by their ad network when I'm not on their site. At the moment, Groups.io has no ads, but it will someday, and if you happen to choose to affiliate with the same ad network, it would be more annoying for me. Yeah, that's really my problem, but it's also why I'd rather use a password.


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