locked Re: Calendar is live

Laurence Taylor

On 10/11/2014 19:27, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Hi Judy,

I didn't read what Ian and the others said as chastising and I'm sure they
didn't mean it to be taken that way. I absolutely want discussion about
what should and shouldn't be added to Groups.io to take place, especially
about what _shouldn't_ be added. So I would very much like to know what you
think should not be in Groups.io and why.
What shouldn't be added is anything that makes life more dificult for
the users. I'm thinking of things like ambiguous and ineffective search
engines, non-intuitive user profiles (if it's thought useful to have
them at all), user interfaces that depend on heavy use of Javascript (or
CSS) when it can be done easily without.

When you say that Groups.io not
be turned into Facebook 2, I'm not sure I understand. Is that because you
don't think there should be likes, or is it something more? And if it is
likes, can you explain why?
The "like" function can be part of it, but more importantly, there is a
significant difference between a Facebook-like setup (I'm inlcuding
Myspace, Twitter, Tumbler, &c), which is designed round short messages
and usually even sorter responses and only function when connected to
the respective web site, and discussion groups (Yahoo Groups, Google
Groups, MLM, &c), which are intended for long posts and equally long
replies, which may be read and written offline.

While it is possible to combine the two to an extent (by allowing email
acces to the site posts), the result isn't gnerally useful.


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