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Judy, so what if they have your email address.

Big deal.

Your address, my address, everyone's address is already out there.

So, for grins,  let's assume thy have my address.

What good does that do them?

Even if they receive all my email, what good does that do them?

Access to my account is sent to me via a link in an email message, by the time they see it, I have already used it, and it is only usable once, so it does them no good.

And, it is only available for 15 minutes, so they would have to be sitting right there watching in order to intercept it before I get it, and that is not likely because I am sitting right there waiting for the reply with the link.


On 6/30/2015 5:04 PM, J. Faulkner wrote:

I’m not Steph, but by using your email address to get the link.  They can easily get email addresses now.


Judy F.

SW Florida - USA


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Steph, did you read the link that mark sent?

It said that you send in your email address, they send back (in an email message to your email address)  a link that you use.

You use that link to access your site.

How would a hacker get that email message/link?


On 6/30/2015 3:24 PM, Steph wrote:

I have a question regarding this.

People find anyway they can to hack people's accounts.

So, how would this keep the hackers out?  That is my only concern.


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Subject: [beta] Eliminate passwords?


Hi All,


A new trend seems to be to eliminate passwords in logins. See this article about Medium, which outlines the approach:



What do you think? We already have a class of users that don't have passwords - people who subscribed via email, and if they ever want to log into the website they have to either go through a social login, or go through the 'forget my password' flow. It would make things more consistent to just say that nobody has a password. To log in, if not through Facebook/Google, then simply enter your email address and you'll be emailed a link to log in.





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