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Steven M

On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 06:40 PM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 11:01 AM, Steven M wrote:
3. I fully agree that any regular Internet user will have no trouble at all remembering a simple name like "groups.io." However, right now I am trying to set up an online group which might include some older folks, who might lack proficieincy in Internet usage, unless the name is totally conventional. I am not saying this  to detract from the huge value of this website; rather, I am highlighting how amazingly useful this website truly is. 
I would suggest that you owe and  "older folks" as referenced in you item above a real apology.
I hope to hit my 91st birthday on April  13, 2022.  It's probable that I've been  typing on computer keyboards and popping bit switches and soldering, wirewrapping etc to build software for years before your birtth.
There are many , many otcogenarians that I know who would hand you your metaphorical head if they saw that gross misstatement.

As a previous poster stated, it is most likely an educational handicap, not been taught to use  computers.
Or possibly just not able to access the instruction and or use to build proficiency.
There is another group of " I'm just too old to learn."  But in my experience they are  in the minority.

I think you should  consider adjusting your attitude towards those elders that you have been dissing.
You should look toward the more functional ones to help you in both helping those in need of education and you should take it upon yourself to offer some basic instruction to those in need.
That could take the  form of "canned" how to emails, videos on youtube, etc.
That a bit of senior advice - listen to what they are trying to tell you and use your knowledge to help them bit by bit.


Bob Bellizzi
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Hi Bob, and also, Hi Dano 
firstly, let me begin by stating that I do indeed apologize fully to Bob and to Dano in reply to the earlier individual message from each of you. forthrightly and fully. It was not my intention to slight older folks in any way. Indeed, there are many older people who are much wiser, clearer, better than me, smarter than me. Some of them are my own relatives, some of them are neighbors or members of my own community. Some are highly prominent and accomplished public servants and elected officials. some of them are decorated veterans who faced risks that I cannot even imagine, saw their own buddies getting struck down, and fought for and defended our country. 
And also, when I had my own ups and downs in life, some of my own older relatives made themselves completely available to help me in every way emotionally, even when they had their own problems to deal with. So yes, I absolutely agree with you that not only are elderly people fully active and involved, frequently, they are the pillar and rock for the younger, less-experienced members of their own family. So again, I do fully apologize to you and to anyone and everyone who feels similarly, fully and frankly.
With that said, let me just say that in  my own flawed way, I had a deeper point I was trying to make, so let me rephrase it completely. Since I am setting up a resource for hopefully the entire community, there are various segments within my own local community that might be less technically proficient and less able to navigate certain parts or to absorb certain types of data that pertain to internet usages. this is certainly not a linear correlation with the person's age as the sole parameter or variable; many elderly people are fully comfortable and experienced with the web, often more than myself, as you rightly and importantly pointed out. 
However, in trying to anticipate community needs, I am simply trying to anticipate the many factors and the many segments of our local populace who might need things to be made easier, in order to maximize the odds that they will use the new resources. 
Since my own lack of awareness caused me to unintentionally attribute such difficulty to certain attributes, even though I was highly far from accurate in doing so, let me just say that whatever the individual characteristics may be, my only goal waas to try to build and to plan for a set of resources that would be genuinely useful and greatly convenient for all to use. 
Lastly, let me say that I truly value, appreciate, and am grateful for the extremely feedback that you were generously willing to offer here. SInce being a group moderator entails being fully sensitive and empathetic to all members of the group, I certainly would not be doing a good job if I can't even phrase my own messages with sensitivity, in a group where I am a simple ordinary member. 
So lastly, I do thank you for your highly valuable feedback, I do apologize, and I will take your valuable feedback to heart. thanks very much for your thoughtful and helpful reply. looking forward to further discussions, here on this great forum. thanks.
If you would be so kind as to show me the kindness of a reply, I would greatly appreciate it. I do highly value your comments here, and also, I would like to be able to feel that we could conclude this interchange with some feeling of a  positive understanding with you as fellow human beings, and also as fellow aficionados of forums, and all sundry things in the areas of internet groups. So any reply you might wish to send would be most welcome, and appreciated. I appreciate all your thoughts on this.  thanks. 

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