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Ken's trying to be funny. He's not. Anyone who worked much with cars knows how to set the timing by ear if necessary. Dwell took a meter, but the data was under the hood. Today you order a new aftermarket control chip which has those parameters preset. If you want something different, tell 'em and they'll program it that way. Same with transmission control. I'm not sure he knows that.

Dave, I'm afraid too many kids today don't understand about mechanical things. If it can't be controlled with a keyboard they're lost. Don't get me wrong - I use a computer to set control systems for motors and lighting control systems. But you also have to understand the mechanical parts that push the whole thing down the road.

And age isn't a factor. Interests and intellectual capacity are more important. Mark is a fine example - when it comes to building complex computer systems he's amazing. Y! couldn't hire anyone to fix the system he originally built years ago. But for every person like Mark there are probably 1000 hack programmers who couldn't program a simple query routine. And we see their work all around us in software that doesn't work smoothly or isn't intuitive. Oftentimes, age is actually a bonus for the experience that comes along with it.

My point again is don't categorize "old people" from your own imagination. There may be some who fit your stereotype, but there are also young people who do as well.


PS - John - Stuff it.

Ken Schweizer

We must remember the older folks needed a car manual to adjust the
timing. The new car manuals says not to drink the liquid from the battery
when thirsty.
Actually, I have yet to find an owners manual that says not to drink battery acid. Most modern batteries are "sealed for life" and its not easy to drink the battery acid.
Its also impossible to adjust most parts on the engine, so no point in saying how to adjust the timing. Its all optical, there are no points to gap and clean.
The tappets are general hydraulic so self adjusting. Last time my car had a fault it needed a firmware upgrade.

My son asked me about engine tuning.
I said well in my day you polished the manifolds to improve air flow. Fitted bigger carbs, high lift cams, perhaps bigger valves, skim the head for higher compression ratio...
... these days you just re-program the Engine Management Unit....

The world has moved on


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